Faith, Fiction, and Mosquitos

Faith, Fiction, and Mosquitos

Contemporary Christian Romance set in Northern Minnesota


Contemporary Christian Romance set in Northern Minnesota

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As an Ohio native, I am fascinated by life in Minnesota. So many lakes. Such cold winters. And have I mentioned the adorable Scandinavian accents? Because I love living here so much, I want to share the "Up North" life with all of my readers. I hope you find Minnesota as interesting as I do! 

As a hopeless romantic, I can’t watch a movie or read a book if it doesn’t involve two people falling in love. Each of my stories combines a strong romantic theme with the eccentricities of living in Minnesota. I love stories about lost loves reuniting, and in fact, this is the central theme of my first full-length fiction novel. I hope you enjoy what you discover on this website. Thanks for stopping by!


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