Do you hear something buzzing or is it just me? Well, if you live in the north woods of Minnesota like I do, chances are it’s a mosquito. Whether it’s the middle of August or the dead of winter, they’re always buzzing around. Pesky things. But they’re just part of what makes life up here in the wilderness so special…if you choose to look at it that way. And I do! Being a native Ohioan, I am fascinated by life in Minnesota. So many lakes. Such cold winters. And have I mentioned the adorable Scandinavian accents?

As a hopeless romantic, I can’t watch a movie or read a book if it doesn’t involve two people falling in love. It’s just not worth it to me. Each of my stories combines a strong romantic theme with the eccentricities of living in Minnesota. I hope you enjoy reading about family-owned lake resorts with tiny bungalow-style cabins, zipping across the lake in jet skis or snowmobiles (yes, I said snowmobiles on lakes), and church potlucks complete with fluffy lime green Jell-O salad—because my books are chock full of all of that great stuff! I love stories about lost loves reuniting, and in fact, this is the central theme of my first full-length fiction novel. I hope you enjoy what you discover on this website. Thanks for stopping by!


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