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Do You trust me?


My first book, Do You Trust Me?, is probably the most important book I will ever write because, not only is it a true story, but it also has a very powerful message: We can’t control everything in our lives. Even when it seems like everything is out of control, we can’t turn our backs on God. In the end, He is all we have; everything else is temporary. If I never get another book published, I may be slightly disappointed, but I don’t think God will be. What I have learned through my experiences and have written on the pages of this book is my true ministry. It is the reason that I am still here on earth even though there was a time when I thought I couldn’t go on. This message of trust is what I believe I am called to share with everyone I meet. If you would like to buy a copy of Do You Trust Me?, just click on the image and it will link you to

Sweet summer Love


Just for fun, I entered a writing contest put on by a small, independent press. The grand prize for this contest was publication in a short-story anthology called "Sweet Summer Love."  Because I live in Northern Minnesota and enjoy writing about spending time at the lake, I thought this would be the perfect contest to enter! I wrote a story called “The House On Mirror Lake,” and I won the grand prize! I was so excited! Here is the story, along with stories from authors Wendy DeWar Hughes and Suzanne Lieurance. Just click on the cover. I hope you enjoy it!

Chronic Inspiration


 For several years, I’ve been a contributing blogger for IG Living online magazine. This publication focuses on living with a chronic illness—specifically one which requires infusions of immune globulin. I enjoy writing from the perspective of a parent/caretaker, as all of my sons suffer from Primary Immune Deficiency Disease. I tend to take a more humorous approach, because if I don’t, I just might cry! IG Living has recently put several blogs together in the form of an e-book called Chronic Inspiration. It’s a great resource for anyone living with chronic illness. Check it out on Amazon.